Precautions and Care of Diamond

Precautions and Care of Diamond

by Mark

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. A diamond has the lustrous shine that attracts everyone towards it. The shine and glow of this gemstone can be retained forever with appropriate precautions and care. It is the hardest stone, with a hardness of 10 on the Moh’s scale. Even then it is possible for a diamond to get chipped, scratched or damaged in a piece of jewelry. This could be due to improper setting techniques during manufacturing or careless use by the wearer. Therefore, it is very crucial to take safety measures to avoid spoiling the stone. This article would give the reader the general know-how about all the aspects that would help in preventing the gemstone from the any kind of damage.


It is one of the most important features of keeping the diamonds shimmering. Depending upon the usage of diamond jewelry the frequency of cleaning is determined. If the diamond set is worn occasionally for exclusive parties then it may not be required to clean at all but if the jewelry is worn daily then it is essential to clean it twice a year. Cleaning has to be done with utmost patience and care.

DiamondSpecial brushes are available in the market designed for cleaning diamonds. In case it is not available then look for small and soft brush like an eyebrow or a lipstick brush. Use this brush, mild soap and water for cleaning. First step of this procedure is to prepare a solution by mixing Luke warm water and mild soap. Place this solution in medium size glass bowl. In the center of the bowl place the diamond jewelry. Soak it for few minutes then give an extremely gentle rub with the brush. Make sure to clean the stone from the bottom as this place is more prone for dirt and oil accumulation. Then give a thorough rinse with clean water and wipe it off with a cotton cloth. During the entire process always hold the jewelry from the edges.

The jewelers would use diluted ammonia to clean the gems but when cleaning at home it can be replaced with a mild cleanser or one pinch of cooking soda. Also special jewelry cleanser is easily accessible in the market. These too could be used instead of mild soap. Before using this cleanser always ensure to read the instructions to know whether it is suitable for Diamond cleaning or not. Also make certain to follow all the directions given in the leaflet. Some people would use old toothbrush for cleaning but the eyebrow or lipstick brush is a better choice as its bristles are softer. Apart from cotton any other fabric must be avoided for drying the jewelry after it is rinsed with water as cotton cloth soaks water very well. Some people also use ultra sonic cleansers for cleaning the diamond jewelry but it is recommended less as the waves emitted are not good for the stone in the long run.


When the jewelry is not used it should be stored properly in its respective place like a jewelry box or any other box having the soft cloth inside. Every single stone jewelry must have its own assigned place to store else when all the jewelry pieces are kept in same box then there is high proximity of stones getting scratched or some other damage could happen. Single stone earrings, pendants or rings having more than 2 carat stone should be wrapped in the cotton or tissue and then stored in the jewelry box. This is the ideal safety measure to protect the big size stone mounted in the jewelry piece from getting damaged.

Vital Guidelines:

These guidelines are important to follow to protect the diamond jewelry from all sorts of danger and damage that could take place due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • Diamonds are placed in the jewelry setting with the help of prongs and mountings. With regular use the prongs tend to get loose sometimes and gems starts shaking. If this is ignored then there are chances that the precious gem falls out of the jewelry anytime and the wearer can’t even notice it at that instant. Therefore, all the jewelry should be taken to the jeweler occasionally to tighten the prongs and mountings.
  • At the time of physical exercise it is suggested not to wear the gemstone jewelry to avoid the chances of knock out, breakage or scratches on the stone. Similarly, while playing outdoor sports one should not wear diamonds.
  • By mistake if the diamond ring falls on concrete then always check whether the claws are intact and stone is tightly held in its position or not.
  • In one finger always wear only one ring and ensure the diamond do not rub with any other ring’s stone. Females tend to wear rings in all the fingers as a result it is obvious that metal of rings stroke next to one another or the gemstones mounted in the rings. Metal rubbing with metal is still better than diamond rubbing against diamond or any other gems.
  • Avoid cleaning all the diamond jewelry in the hand-basin, the heavy flow of tap water may wash away stones that may have become lose while cleaning.
  • Always ensure to remove the jewelry having diamonds at the time of doing household work, gardening, and playing water sport, outdoor games, sleeping and bathing.

Diamonds are certainly forever, but to keep the enduring beauty of these durable stones intact it is important to take care of them. A little effort and precautions can go a long way in ensuring the diamonds retain the glitter forever.