by Ritika Changrani

An engagement ring is a symbol of your love and commitment and hence an extremely important piece of jewelry. Princess cut engagement rings are all the rage lately and yet have their own distinct elegance. Ordinary square cut diamonds are out and the more sparkly square modified brilliant cut is in.

princess cut engagement ring

The name itself sounds so exotic that you are drawn to it immediately. A Princess cut engagement ring – the perfect ring to spoil and pamper your lady? Yes, it is definitely one that will win her over. The name is attractive but what exactly is it? Read on to find out more about Princess cut Engagement rings.

The importance of an engagement ring cannot be overemphasized. It is probably the most unforgettable piece of jewelry that you will ever buy. Knowing this, you surely would like your engagement ring to be special, to stand out amidst all others. It is, after all, an expression of your love and promises for a lifetime of happiness with each other.

Princess Cut Engagement RingThe modern brilliant cut was invented about sixty years ago. The barion cut, which was the precursor of the princess cut was first introduced by Basil Watermeyer of Johannesburg about thirty years ago. The princess cut is a big improvement for square cut and oblong diamonds. It is actually a modification of the round brilliant cut. The technical term for this cut is the square modified brilliant cut.

The princess cut works best on deep stones. If a rough stone is likely to turn into a square final shape, a princess cut may be the best option. The weight retention in such cases is the maximum, thus lowering the cost per carat. And square cut stones have their own unique appeal when it comes to ring settings. Princess cut diamonds can be set in a continuous line without any gaps between them as it happens in case of round stones. They have a distinct elegance unsurpassed by others.

Princess cut stones have a series of v – shaped facets all along the pavilion, which results in the stone having square corners. Since so many extra facets have been created, these stones appear to be more sparkling than others. When these are set in engagement rings, the overall effect is stunning as the ring has a brilliant shimmer. As opposed to ordinary square cut diamonds, there is more weight retention in princess cut diamonds and also the final rings have a more glamorous effect.

Since an engagement ring is so special, choosing the ideal ring is extremely important. It is one piece of jewelry that will be cherished for a lifetime and worn regularly, so utmost care should be taken. A lot of thought needs to go into buying the right engagement ring. One has to consider the wearer’s likes and dislikes. Before making the final purchase, it would always be better to ask the woman to have a look at it. She has to wear it so she should have a say in it, after all. And if you don’t want to tell her as it is meant to be a surprise, know her taste a little. Princess cut engagement rings are all the rage now so she might like to opt for one rather than a traditional round cut diamond ring.

If you want to select loose diamonds and then have them cut as per your requirement, choose deep stones. The princess cut does not work well on shallow stones so you need to be careful. The final stone will look good if the rough one is slightly square or oblong in shape, just as round diamonds obviously are more appealing than oval ones. If the rough stone is oblong and long, it is always better to opt for an emerald cut or a baguette cut. Princess cut stones have a four edges (those of the square) that can tend to be sharp. This is why such stones should always be mounted in such a way so as to protect the edges. The points can be exceptionally sharp and are vulnerable points so correct mounting is vital. When you purchase a princess cut engagement ring check to see if the edges are jutting out or it is well protected. The kind of mounting will give you an idea of the skill of the jeweler and the quality of jewelry in the shop.

Diamonds are most vulnerable when they are in the process of being set because force is usually applied to the corners, which is one of its most delicate parts. Damages done during the process can be repaired by re polishing but it is an expensive affair and also causes delay. The stone may, sometimes also have a small weight loss. This holds true for diamonds as well as other stones but the problem is bigger for stones with corners. Many technical aspects need to be looked into, if you buy loose diamonds, have them princess cut and then set them in an engagement ring. If you do not know much about such stuff, it is always advisable to buy a ready engagement ring. If princess cut stones fascinate you, you can opt for one from wide array of rings available at all leading jewelry stores.

The Princess cut is not for diamonds alone. Many other gemstones look magnificent with a princess cut. Sapphires and emeralds look great when cut in the princess style. Lighter colored stones or preferably the more transparent ones would show well with a princess cut. Darker colored stones would hardly have any effect and all efforts spent on cutting and the money will probably be a waste. The extra faceting will be shown to its greatest advantage on colorless stones like the diamond. So, you can buy a princess cut engagement ring that need not necessarily be one set with diamonds. If sapphires appeal to you, for example, you can opt for a princess cut sapphire engagement ring.

Princess cut solitaire rings are very much in vogue and are also ideal as engagement rings. So, if you want to go for a ring that is elegant yet chic, modern yet classic, princess cut engagement rings are definitely an interesting option.