Reiki and Amethyst

Reiki and Amethyst

by Madhubanti Rudra

Traditionally regarded as the gemstone of higher spiritual insight and a great meditation tool, amethyst has been revered all over the world for centuries. Particularly in the orient, amethyst remained the most sought after energy enhancer. This huge reserve of positive energy of amethyst can be channelized to treat the ailments in several oriental traditional therapies. Among these alternative healing procedures, reiki emerged as one of the most popular practices in the contemporary times. However, the use of amethyst has been proved to entice even higher level of energy in the delivering reiki.

The Use of Amethyst in Reiki

What is Reiki
The etymological origin of reiki can be traced to the Chinese word ki or chi meaning universal life energy. It is the source of life and it sustains life. A channel is a person who acts as a conduit of energy that is drawn from universe and then transferred to the body of recipient of reiki. The reiki channel masters this art of drawing energy which is then absorbed by her inner self and dispersed over her whole existence. This is the process of attunement. This excess energy accumulates in her palms and by touching various parts of the ailing person’s body this energy gets transferred into the patient’s body. A reiki treatment is all about harnessing the universal energy and then direct it to heal the ailments. During the treatment, the recipient’s subconscious mind channelizes the energy to the point where healing is required.

How Reiki Works
The application of reiki enhances the inherent power of the body and the mind and their capacity to heal. It also assists the individual to explore in his inside the hidden store of compassion and other softer emotions. In the process a balance is struck between the physical, emotional and the spiritual aspect of his personality.

Once the balance is struck, the recipient of reiki feels calm and relaxed and this is particularly the point where the healing starts taking place. The longer he can retain within himself this peaceful feeling, less time will be required for healing.

The Use of Crystals in Reiki
Reiki is described as a hands-on- technique which can be experienced, but cannot be explained. The practice involves a transfer of energy to the recipient from the reiki master who pulls the energy of the universe from the environment surrounding her. As such, the role of the master is very important for rendering a successful healing treatment through reiki. In turn the masters or reiki channels use types of symbols and chants and in some cases the crystals to augment the mental ability and intuitions which enhances the power of healing.

The use of crystals in combination with reiki is rather a recent phenomena which was initiated some ten years ago and since then became very popular among a school of reiki practitioners who seem to combine the crystal energy with reiki to recharge the programming of self-healing of mind and the body. Crystals are not a compulsory part of reiki treatment and not all the crystal healers are the reiki practitioners. Still both borrow from each other because both of their powers are founded on the unlimited source of universal energy. While reiki is the process of draining the highest knowledge of universe to heal the ailments, the crystals have assimilated within themselves the parts of this immense energy which can heal any ailments if applied judiciously.

The Use of Amethyst n Reiki
The use of crystals is supposed to enhance the impact of reiki energy as the channel is now empowered with the healing vibes of the gemstones. Therefore the reiki channels use at the time of treatment, one or more crystals according to the nature of patient’s mental or physical state. As such, amethyst has a prominent role in the reiki treatment for its repute of being the spiritual stone that brings tranquility and enhances psychic powers. Depending on its color, this purple stone is associated with the two major Chakras or energy centers of the body; they are the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra. Amethyst helps in the development of many aspects of individual personality and makes the person powerful from within by igniting his self healing mechanism.

Wearing amethyst is advised by the reiki practitioners to those patients who suffer from the brain related ailments. Such problems as depression, lack of concentration, compulsive behavioral disorders or other phobia are treated in reiki with the additional help of healing energies of an amethyst. Those in quest for higher spiritual understanding or practicing the art of meditation are also treated with an amethyst in reiki. Then, for those undergoing a reiki session, in search of mental relaxation, an added touch of amethyst can produce more effective result.

The Use of Amethyst in Reiki according to the locations of Chakra
There is a close relation between the chakra or energy centers of the body and the aura or the energy fields surrounding the body. In Ayurvedic tradition, Chakra indicates wheels of energy situated at different locations of human body. The driving force of life flows through these chakras. Each chakra is associated and controls a specific aspect of life. If the normal flow of energy of any chakra is disrupted, that particular aspect of life gets affected. On the other hand, a regular and balanced energy flow through the chakras ensures a happy and healthy life in all aspects.

A reiki practitioner is supposed to place the right stone at the corresponding chakra area of the body. Each energy centre of the body is located at specific areas of the body and the energy flow of that part of the body can be balanced with the help of the cosmic energy radiated by the crystal associated with that chakra. The healing qualities of the crystal are added into the energy that the therapist is attuned to and together these two sets of energy flow into the patient’s body. In case of using amethyst, it is placed in the brow area of the patients as it is associated with the healing of any mental disorders.

The way of Application of the amethyst in reiki
Before using the amethyst, the stone should be cleared and made ready for application. The idea is to place the amethyst in the proper area of chakra. However multiple stones can be used for each chakra. In reiki, natural quartz crystals are particularly recommended for use as they release the maximum amount of energy. If other quartz than the chakra stones are used they should be laid near the patient’s body with the points towards the body. The chakra stones must however get the direct body contact. The patient himself also can hold the amethyst near his head during the reiki session.

Amethyst as a crystal is believed to clear obstructions and bring back the right alignment of the Chakras. Blessed with the power of transforming energies at all levels, amethyst stabilizes energies of specific Chakra areas namely the 6th and 7th Chakras, which are the Third Eye or Brow and the Crown respectively.

Brow or Third Eye Chakra is associated with such aspects of personality as, mental clarity, intuition and foresight. This chakra dominates biological activities of such organs as brain, nervous system, pituitary gland, pineal gland and eyes.

Crown Chakra is associated with spirituality and higher knowledge about the source and sustenance life force. Biologically this chakra governs the functions of spinal cord, brain stem and nerves.

After the amethyst is placed in the associated chakra areas the usual reiki treatment can commence. The practitioner either places his hands directly on the stone or keeps the palms slightly above the stone during the reiki session. However, the direct contact with the stone helps magnify the energy level of the channel.

The Final Words
An alternative cure system, reiki is all about drawing the positive frequencies of universe to create an atmosphere of love and compassion in which the negative energies responsible for spreading diseases and other disorders fail to operate. The amethyst is a stone that reflects the highest spiritual energy and when they are teamed for reducing human pains in any form, they produce unbelievable result.