Ruby Stud Earrings

Ruby Stud Earrings

by Yuman Hussain

Ruby is a popular and most desired gemstone since antiquity. Its rarity and blazing red color associated with love, passion and romance makes it very special .Every woman dreams to own real ruby jewelry be it lovely studded earrings, stunning necklace or sparkling bracelet. Ruby stud earrings look stunning when combined with gold or platinum settings. It is an ideal gift for someone you love.

What does a woman loves as a gift after diamond jewelry! She is more likely to choose earrings as it is something which a woman wears most of the time .It can be ruby, diamond or pearl stud earring or hoop or chandelier earrings. These come in all shapes, sizes and price. Earrings crafted from precious metals like gold and platinum and studded with gems are expensive and look really fashionable. In fact they had adorned the women as early as 3000 B.C when they were discovered in West Asia.

Ruby EarringsEarrings have a special character of their own .It is not surprising that they look good on most of the women .Choose earrings according to occasion and compliment it with the dress you will wear. A right pair of earrings can enhance your appearance by adding sophistication and elegance. Oval faces can wear any type of earring while round face should look nice with long earring. Gem studded earrings look stunning on oval faces. You can match gemstone studded earrings with the colors of your eyes and skin. Wear smaller gemstone earrings for everyday while bigger earrings should be reserved for parties or special occasions. Stud earrings have a timeless appeal which compliment any look and outfit at any time. These look brilliant with traditional classic gowns or trendy college wear. You can find all types of earrings studded with diamond, ruby, pearls, topaz and emeralds. A studded earring adds glamour to your personality. You can match your earrings with necklace for perfect look. They make ideal gift for your special ones with their favorite gems studded in the earrings. They have become extremely popular in recent time with movie stars to sportspersons sporting studded earrings in one or both the ears.

Ruby is available in many shapes like square, round, oval and pear and sizes which makes it ideal for jewelry. A ruby earring looks good in any shape and size as its deep red color adds glow to the face. Oval or pear cut stones look stunning in stud earrings. When ruby is used with gold and platinum settings it gives rich look adding elegance to your look. Ruby studded earrings are must for every fashion conscious modern woman. Even a small cute looking pair can add glamour to the way you dress. A pair of ruby stud earring will make lovely present if you are passionate about your love. A red gemstone representing month of July and symbol of love and romance, ruby has a unique place in jewelry world. It has been a favored stone of royalties since time immemorial adding beauty and grace to the crowns of kings and queens. Ruby is also considered wedding anniversary stone for fifteenth and fortieth years. The word ruby has originated from Latin word ‘ruber’ meaning red. It is red variety of corundum which is second hardest stone after diamond. The most famous rubies are sourced from Burma which is considered to be very expensive and high on quality and clarity. The other countries which produce rubies in smaller quantities are Brazil, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Rubies rank 9 on Mohs scale of hardness as they are strongest after diamonds.

If you want to choose personally, then jewelry stores would be a better option. It is advisable to compare prices from jewelry stores before making purchase. Buy only from reputed stores which have exchange or buy back policy in case of flaw in the piece. To select an ideal pair of earrings it is important to consider cut, color, clarity and carat weight of ruby before buying. The rubies should be cut symmetrically for enhanced value. The color of the ruby is an important criterion. But it is difficult to find natural flawless ruby so most of the pieces have inclusions. The richer with deeper red color are most expensive and rare to find so all depends on your personal choice. Clarity is another important factor as most of stones have imperfections with colored parallel lines or inclusions crisscrossing within the surface. Do not buy rubies which have too many inclusions or fractures. Do not buy rubies which are cut too shallow or deep .Avoid stones which has too much brown or blue shade. You should check the carat weight also so that you get value for your money. Ask the dealer whether the rubies are treated? Check whether they are natural or synthetic as synthetic rubies are much cheaper. Check the uniform color distribution in the stone. There are several websites which sell ruby studded earrings. You can get relevant information regarding the price, quality of the gemstone and hundreds of fabulous designs to choose from the comfort of your home. But compare the prices and quality before ordering an online product.

Ruby studded earrings can be fragile so you have to take special care of them. For cleaning them it is better to use mild cleaning agent or soap. You can simply dip them in warm water and wipe them with soft tissue paper or cloth. Store them in soft pouch to avoid scratches or chips on the surface of the gemstone. Always use soft brush to clear the dirt trapped in between the setting. Never use abrasives as they can scratch the gold or platinum settings.

A ruby studded earring is meant to be valuable and cherished possession for life time. It is something if cared properly can be passed on to your daughter or grandchildren .So do not compromise on the looks and quality of the gemstone. Ruby is the most desired gemstone next to diamond and the feelings associated with it makes it a special gift.