Sapphire facts

Sapphire facts

by Seema Susheel

The change in color is due to different element present inside the core of the sapphire crystal. For example if there is an element like Titanium then the crystal reflects blue and hence is blue in color. There is no limit to the saturation of colors in a sapphire.

Sapphire facts and buying guide

Sapphire is the royal semi-precious stone which is been used in jewelry from ancient times. There are known facts that many royals have used sapphire on there crowns, brooches, wedding ring etc. The special quality of this beautiful gemstone is that it’s the hardest stone naturally found. The hardness of this semi-precious stone is just second to that of the diamond. The sapphire being hard in nature sapphire jewelry is durable and recommended to be passed upon as an heirloom.

Sapphire – Origin
Sapphire deposits are found in large quantities in Sri Lanka. Sapphire is been found in Sri Lanka from ancient times and even now it’s a popular destination for good quality sapphires. There is a typical orange pinkish sapphire found only in Sri Lanka and it resembles a lotus. Sri Lanka is the largest producer of this beautiful gemstone. Sapphire is also found in countries like Madagascar, Burma, India- Kashmir, America, Thailand and Cambodia.

Sapphire – Type and color
Sapphire RingSapphires are members of the corundum family of minerals. They come in all types of colors from blue to black and all colors in between. The change in color is due to different element present inside the core of the sapphire crystal. For example if there is an element like Titanium then the crystal reflects blue and hence is blue in color. There is no limit to the saturation of colors in a sapphire. The saturation of the color depends on the amount of mineral present inside the crystal. Many times there are combination of minerals which result in different hues and saturation of the same color. Sapphire comes in colors like blue, pink, yellow, colorless, black, white, orange, and brown. Among sapphires no two sapphires look alike. Most sapphires are treated and given heat treatments to make them commercially valuable and improve there clarity and shine. The blue sapphire itself comes in varied colors of blue like the baby blue to deep sea blue, with a mix of green and yellow they form wonderful color combinations. Blue sapphires are the most popular because of its amazing color which has mesmerized even the royals. Even today the blue sapphire is the most sought after colored stone. The pink sapphire is a favorite among jewelry designers who use this stone in combination with diamonds and white gold for amazing creations.

Sapphire – Buying Information
Sapphire RingSapphire is very rarely found, it is much rarer then the diamond, hence the market price for this stone is on a rise. It’s safe and sound to invest in a fine quality untreated sapphire then in any other jewel as there sure to be value add to this stone. The demand is more and the production is not so much to match the demand. A natural uncut, untreated sapphire with fine quality of color and shine is jewels an ardent jewelry lover will surly keep in his collection. There are treated sapphires also available. There is a difference in price among sapphires depending on the color quality, whether its treated or untreated, carat size, shine and brilliance. Though the most popular color is blue and pink the choice of color is a personal choice and with sapphire you can find them in many colors.

Sapphire- Buying shops
As popular and available the diamond is, the sapphire though popular is not very easily available. You can find hundreds of jewelry shops and websites selling diamonds. The same is not with sapphires simply because it’s much rarer then diamond. Few authentic serious gems traders who have set up there shops on the internet is the shopping stop for the ones who want the royal indulgence to be there own. These websites will give you extensive information on the sapphire and also provide you with wide range in prices, sizes and colors. If the sapphire is extremely outstanding with flawless color and shine then its something you can make your own. The price differentiates depending on the quality and the carat size. Once you have decided on the type of sapphire then you can buy it to use in jewelry like finger ring, a pendant or a brooch. You can even go for boutique fashion jewelry sites where in you could select one of the readymade jewelry pieces where blue sapphire or pink sapphire is tastefully used with other metals and stones to create amazing neck pieces and matching ear rings. Bracelets, waist bands, accessories – sapphire has found its use in many items. The price for sapphire jewelry could be similar to the expensive diamond set you were eyeing but the difference is you are paying for the beauty and quality which is rare and one of its kind.

Sapphire Buying – feel the beauty before you make it your own.
There are many gems traders who deal with buying and selling gemstones. These jewelry shops are in this business from generations. Many jewelers are in this business for so long that for then to gauge a quality sapphire is as easy and simple as drinking water. You got to be lucky to find such a shop by yourself but with little effort you surely can come across one where in you can buy the royal blue sapphire and trust the jeweler to give value for you money. You are wishing to buy sapphire to wear it as a locket or for any other use when you are buying just the single stone then you have to look at the clarity of color, size that suits your design and consequently the price. The jewelry shops are the places where the jeweler will take you through viewing different kinds of sapphires colors and sizes. You can see and feel the beauty of the sapphire you buy before making the purchase. This kind of luxury is only for those who can afford to take time off there busy schedules and put in the time and effort to go shop hopping to look for the right sapphire that will win there heart. Once you have found something that you love then it’s easier to shell out money. A purchase like sapphire won’t make you repent in future as its valuable forever.