10 Semi Precious Stones For Your Elegant Look And Style

Every women round the world loves to wear the semi precious stones jewelry with enhancing their beauty in a wonderful style. The semi precious stone not only enhances the beauty, but it gives higher properties with an energy.

The semi precious stones are not the common stones that are used for jewelry as they are more precious for their beautiful look and extensive properties in the absolute style. The main aim of the modern jewelers not only to touch people with sense of beauty along with it bring a better awareness for wearer.

semi precious stones

When a stone is sensitive and the energy it holds offer mood-enhancing benefit healing enrich the life for the individual that it is necessary to choose accordingly.

Secret Powers of semi precious stones are used by Kings, Queens, Powerful along with the Wealthy for centuries around the world. Semi previous stones are referred in many number of ways includes Jewels, Gem, Precious Stones or Gemstones.

They are basically a mineral refined and cut form used for creating the jewellery along with many other kinds of decorative embellishments.

In fact there are many other organic along with precise rocks aren’t actually minerals; they are also used for Jewellery classified as a Gemstones.

Precious Stones obtained includes Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies and Diamond are present in the West. All other stones have been classified as the Semi Precious Stones.

This classification is based on the Commercial that created by the Marketers years back.

Precious Stones are indeed makes quite an impression; it is more valuable when compared to the Semi-Precious Stones.

semi precious stones

Semi Precious Stones Varieties:

There are many designs and varieties of semi precious stones available based on many different criteria; it quite suitable to get high extensive knowledge about them. Different Varieties, Groups along with the Species of the semi precious stones often include

  • Specific Gravity
  • Hardness
  • Dispersion
  • Fracture
  • Luster
  • Refractive Index
  • Cleavage

Top Semi Precious Stones   

Each and every semi precious stones are extensively researched and added according to experience. Each precious stone and jewel has a story to tell along with subtle energy for generating the lives. Here is a list of Top 10 semi precious stones around the world:

semi precious stones

Green Chrysoprase  

The Green Chrysoprase is a type of Quartz stone that considered quite valuable in Green Ray Group. This amazing stone brings complete

  • Vibration of divine truth
  • Promotes joy and happiness
  • Heals the Heart
  • Reduces Depression and Anxiety

Green Chrysoprase is one of the beautiful power enhancing stones with the metaphysical properties based on the better healing. The semi precious stones easily attracts the new love, prosperity and abundance heart based energy.

semi precious stones

Orange Cornaline:

The Orange Cornaline is suitable for the amazing action giving you the best confidence and courage for moving forward in a new path of life.

Orange Cornaline used in ancient times for protecting the dead on their journey to after-life.

These semi precious stones have been used for aiding physical body and maintain the improved flow of life force energy through blood.

  • Courage and Confidence
  • Clarification and Action
  • Motivation

Wearing the Orange Cornaline Necklace would accelerate your motivation along with assist clarify your goals.

semi precious stones

Turquoise Gemstone:

Turquoise Gemstone is the oldest stones in the history man and it is called as the talisman of Kings, Warriors and Shamans.

The semi precious stones Symbolizes the protection and strength to a great extent; it is quite suitable for enabling more benefits.

The Turquoise Gemstone natural energy helps you to communicate only truth along with balances the male and female aspects giving strong spiritual attunement.

semi precious stones

Enhances Energy With Quartz:

Quartz is powerful group of Crystals having much stronger properties of amplification and they ultimately form variety of types and colors in the absolute way with comprising the silicon dioxide.

Many different formations and configurations are available which would be quite suitable for enabling more properties. Quartz have better properties includes:

  • Enhances energy and thoughts
  • Great for healing
  • Meditation and protection
  • Manifesting things you desire

semi precious stones

Onyx   Semi Precious Stones:

Wearing a beautiful piece of semi precious stones jewellery would enhance your look with bringing more beauty. Onyx is one of the excellent stone release of negative emotions like grief along with sorrow bringing the best fortune and rejuvenating your personal strength. Onyx specially used for Relaxation and helpful for winning more friends.

  • Brings you Abundance
  • Balance
  • Dependence
  • Physical Healing
  • Friendship
  • Good anecdote to a lack of energy and exhaustion.

semi precious stones

Ruby Semi Precious Stones:

Ruby stones considered as the deep red crystal and gemstone. It specifically considered as an excellent stone along with recharge your energy levels for a longer period.

Ruby stimulates your mind with the positive and self-assured aspects. Ruby has a striking colour matches its energy along with the most effective way of encouraging sensuality, sexual energy and vitality.

Beautiful red crystal assists you easily to overcome the sexual dysfunction along with helpful for attracting new love.

semi precious stones

Aventurine Semi Precious Stones:

The Aventurine stone contains significant amount of Quartz;  it is quite stronger to amplifying energy. An Aventurine is one of the power enhancing stones that aids your prosperity; it is quite suitable for wearing with full desire.

  • Increases Optimism.
  • Confidence.
  • Manifestation of Money.
  • Aventurine is everyone known the stone of luck and it surely helpful for manifesting the money.

semi precious stones

Amber Semi Precious Stones:

Amber stone is the fossilize resin and it contains the powerful healing power that gives a person who wears lovely sense of health and healing. The Beautiful jewellery one among the greatest semi precious stones made from resembles of gemstones and it comprise of the marvelous metaphysical properties to protect the psychic.

semi precious stones

Tigers Eye Stone:

The Tigers Eye Stone is a powerful piece of stone aids harmony and balance. Tigers Eye Stone helps you to release anxiety and fear to a greater extent.

  • Harmonious Balanced Action
  • Understanding & Discernment
  • Infuse you with confidence

semi precious stones

Blue Topaz stone:

The Blue Topaz stones enable you achieve the highest and greatest point in the amazing style. If you wear this semi precious stone it quite suitable for getting creative expression improves dramatically.