Silicone Belly Rings

Silicone Belly Rings


Sport Silicone belly rings and get noticed. If you like the concept of body piercing – They are safe. They come in a variety of colors and designs. They will meet your individualistic taste perfectly. Take a small step to feeling good about yourself – Go Silicone!

Lets start with what exactly silicone is. Don’t confuse it with Silicon… there is a slight difference. In layman’s terms, Silicone is made up of a group of compounds of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms. This combination is water resistant and can handle large variations in temperature. Silicones are used in a variety of applications since they are reliable, durable and easy to handle. The body can accept this material as it can resist body fluid and can be shaped as per requirement.

Silicone belly rings are very popular because they come in a large variety of colors, designs, shapes and sizes. If you surf the net for silicone belly rings or silicone jewellery you will find literally hundreds of designs in very many combinations and designs. It would be difficult to list all of them for you. At a glance, you would find bubble balls, beads, bands, glow in the dark designs, spiky sphere balls in a multitude of colors and a variety of others.

Belly rings have been around long before you and me arrived on the scene. They existed in the Aztec times and were quite popular during the Inca Period. Throughout the ancient world, the Egyptians and other tribes used body piercing as a symbolic representation of bravery in battle, spiritual connections with god, status in society among other things. There is evidence that the Romans pierced their nipples to attach their capes when they went to fight, the Egyptian royalty pierced their navels and the Native Americans used body piercing in their coming-of-age ceremonies.

Till the 1980’s, earlobes were the only parts that were pierced as a fashion statement. The Punk scene brought in piercing of the lips, tongue, brows, nipples etc. Navel piercing sneaked its way in when super models flaunted their belly jewels at world famous fashion extravaganzas. The media has played a big part in propagating the concept of navel piercing. Those who did body piercing realized that they were not the only ones and those who were not even aware that such a thing existed were now enlightened!

There are a lot of curious questions about why one uses belly rings or navel piercing. There is something really sensual about a navel or belly ring, it says – “look at me”, as it nestles on the planes of the belly and the soft curve of the waist. It is considered an erogenous zone and there are women who say that it makes them feel beautiful, it’s daring and it’s a little different from the usual. It’s your way of saying “I love me so I do something special for me”.

Silicone belly rings do just that. With the variety of designs available in silicone, it is one of the best options when it comes to selecting belly rings.

Why Silicone?

– Variety – Being a highly flexible substance, silicone can be crafted into almost any shape. So, you can get really creative with Silicone belly rings.

– Colors – Silicone can be created to form single or multi-colored belly rings. So you have an unlimited choice of colors!

– Low Budget – Silicone is an inexpensive yet trendy alternative to gold and platinum. You needn’t empty your wallet to look good. Silicone belly rings are quite cheap and hence more accessible.

There are some things to be kept in mind if you are going in for belly rings. These are important so you don’t end up with a bad infection instead of a belly ring or jewel. Your navel must have a defined lip where the piercing can be done. Your belly button is a depressed scar, which manages to collect dirt over time. It needs proper cleaning and drying or there are chances of fungal infections. Once you pierce it, you have to take extra care and you have to follow a very strict hygiene and cleaning routine or you could end up with problems on your hands.

It is important that you get all the information regarding navel piercing, its care and a list of things that you may encounter during the healing process. Consult the doctor at every stage so that you know that the healing is on the right track and not harboring some other infection.

It is a good idea to start with navel jewels. They look really nice, heal quickly and once healed you can change them to match your clothes. With rings you may have to use pliers, which may prove to be difficult.

If you are pregnant, then by the sixth month you may have to change the ring for a bigger one or go in for a bit of fishing line which will keep the piercing open till you are able to re insert your ring. If it has been removed then the piercing can be re-opened using a taper pin but do consult your doctor for this.

There are a lot of options available to you in terms of silicone belly rings. Surf the net, talk to your friends who have done body piercing. Sporting a hip accessory is no longer an expensive option with silicon belly rings here for you!