Titanium Facts

Titanium Facts

by Sheweta Dhanuka

Titanium is one of the unique discoveries in the 18th century. It was initially known as Manachite and was retrieved in the impure form. It is an amazing metal, as it possesses the extreme eminence. It is the only metal having the strength of steel but weight comparable to aluminum. Therefore it is best named after Titans of Greek mythology, recognized for their intense strength. The name ‘Titanium’ was given by German chemist, Martin Kloproth. This incredible metal is certainly the perfect blend of strength, lightweight, beauty and biocompatibility. It is quite fortunate that modern jewelry designer identified the artistic benefits of this miraculous metal and created breathtaking jewelries for women as well as men.

TitaniumThe article penned down here aims to provide the reader with best possible information about this interesting metal. The information would comprise of general know-how about the metal all in respect to jewelry. After reading the article readers would know about few incredible benefits of this jewelry metal variant. Also, the article could act as a buying guide that would be helpful to the readers while making the purchase of spectacular Titanium jewelry. Now on in the text, jewelry would refer to as titanium jewelry.It is a known fact that while making the jewelries, metals need to be mixed with alloys so that it is easy to mould and shape the sturdy metal, be the metal is gold, platinum or titanium etc. Gold is least pure while Titanium is most with 90+% purity. If an individual wish to wear pure metal jewelry then this gray metal is best available choice. However, purity is assured only at the reliable or certified jewelry stores. The jewelry market is flooded with cheats therefore buyer should enquire about the reputation of the seller before making the purchase. And also he/she must be aware of few important aspects like CP grade of the jewelry, Aircraft grade and much more.

Titanium Grades

Jewelries are made up of alloyed titanium. The grades are given on the basis of quantities of other elements mixed to make alloys. Grades are categorized into two viz. CP grade and Aircraft grade.

[1] CP Grade

: This grade is known as commercially pure ( CP ) titanium. This variant is well accepted in the industry and is biocompatible titanium grade. It is further rated from 1 to 4. CP Grade 1 is the softest while 4 is the hardest. With the increase of oxygen quantity in the alloy the hardness increases. The most suitable and regarded is CP Grade 2. It has perfect equilibrium between the required hardness and workability. This can be easily refinished, engraved and shaped.

[2] Aircraft Grade

: This titanium grade is created by mixing aluminum, vanadium and tin to create hardness in the alloy. It is also known as Titanium 6.4. This titanium alternate is widely used for making rings but it is not safe. Therefore, World Titanium Council does not endorse this grade. Sometimes, in case of emergency it becomes difficult to remove aircraft grade titanium jewelry especially the rings. Moreover, unlike CP Grade metal, this is very difficult to refinish or engrave. Also due to the alloy contents, it is not compatible to the sensitive skin and leads to allergy. Thus, buyer should always enquire about the grade before buying any jewelry piece. Aircraft grade jewelry should be avoided to every possible extent.

Benefits of using Titanium

This metal possess extreme tensile strength and high ratio between strength and density. Few of its crucial properties make it ideal for jewelry that is corrosion resistance and biocompatible.

Corrosion Resistant

Titanium is a remarkable jewelry metal as it is 100% hypoallergenic. It does not react to oxygen, salt water and sunlight. It is absolutely neutral when comes in touch with human body. It is reaction free with body heat, sweat or body temperature. It has shielding surface layers that provide it exceptional resistance to corrosive harass by sea air, saltwater and certain acids. It seldom responds to electricity, heat and magnets. Thus, people who are sensitive towards other jewelry metal like silver; gold etc must switch to titanium jewelry. This metal jewelry by no means gets tarnish.

Strong and Durable

Almost all jewelries made up of this corrosion free metal have lifetime warranty because the metal is strong and durable. This is ideal for daily wear jewelry pieces and resists all harsh blows and knocks. Even the precious and semi precious gems are most safe when mounted in this durable metal.


Strong like steel and light as Aluminum, best defines this grey coloured metal. This is the most important characteristic being looked upon by the jewelry designers as well as jewelry wearer. Lightweight jewelry implies comfort. Titanium is a noteworthy metal, it can be used with style along with 100% functionality due to its lightweight while other precious metals like platinum and gold has to forfeit on style and functionality in order to reduce the jewelry weight and also the cost.


The jewelries that are worn daily are sure to get the scratches in spite of taking umpteen efforts. And when it is titanium ring then obviously it is taken for granted. The best part of these jewelries is that it could be easily refinished at any nearby jeweler at a reasonable cost.


Human body is well matched to the physiological inertness of titanium therefore; it is used in many medical treatments like in bone and cartilage replacement surgeries. It is also used to make artificial hips, dental implants and heart valves.This implausible metal is very well combined with white gold, yellow gold and platinum to enhance the look of the ornaments. Further, it is very much suitable for diamonds as well. It makes splendid wedding bands for bride and bridegroom too. The wedding rings of this pure metal carry a lot of meaning to the marriage. It symbolizes strong marriage that lasts forever.

Jewelry Finish

The jewelries are given specific look in accordance with the occasion to wear. For example for bride’s wedding ring, it has to have the elegant and graceful look therefore the design need to be creative and innovative with polished/satin finish. For the casual college attire, sporty look jewelry is more preferred thus matte grayish finish gives that needed stealthy appearance and so on. Titanium finishes could be categorized into four viz. polished, satin and anodized.

Polished Finish

This finish gives the look which is close to platinum and surgical steel look. It is certainly far different from white or silver rather nearer to the special metallic glance.

Satin Finish

This finish is referred to brushed or matte finish. It is a precious metal texturing technique that falls between a matte finish and a brilliant one. It could be best defined as the semi-glossy finish by making series of shallow parallel lines scratched on the surface of the metal, reducing its reflectivity and creating the matter texture.

Anodized Finish

It is also called as colorful finish as all colours of rainbow could be created in this finish option. The ‘micronic’ oxide layer that covers the metal is slightly solidified through electric currents at diverse levels. Current at different intensity and duration results in one respective refractive effect that has its specified colour. Hence varied refractive effects are created that appears are different colours. No additional dye or coloring pigment is added. This process seems interesting and attractive but jewelries with anodized finish are very much prone to scratches. And so it requires good amount of care.

Titanium is a lustrous, silver-gray, metallic element and jewelry created using this high silhouette metal is absolutely awesome. It is 100% compatible with the human body or in other words it could be said that as diamonds are females best friend so is titanium to human skin. This versatile metal certainly has a forever resizing policy. A friend for the entire life span with a lifetime guarantee is certainly priceless therefore; titanium jewelry should be must have in the jewelry box. Hope you agree !.