Tongue Piercing Jewelry Discovered for the Ideal Styles

Nowadays, you can come across teens and college students sporting this specific type of piercing. When it comes to tongue piercing jewelry, it is normally a barbell featuring beads at both the ends of the bar. Tongue rings are available in two different types, which include externally or internally threaded jewelry. In the case of internally threaded tongue rings, beads at both the ends have made end screwed onto the female extent of the bar. While with externally threaded tongue rings, they are just opposite to internally threaded rings. It has a bar with the male end, while the bead as a female end. Professional piercers only recommend wearing internally threaded tongue piercing jewelry.

Tongue Piercing Jewelry

Materials suggested for tongue piercing jewelry

Tongue piercing jewelry is typically made out of acrylic or metal materials. The metal tongue rings are more preferable for a new piercing. Acrylic is also used commonly for retailers and tongue ring beads. If you are among those who concern more about the allergic reaction to certain materials of the body, you can opt for tongue piercing jewelry made of surgical grade stainless steel or sterling silver tongue piercing jewelry.

Tongue Piercing Jewelry

Tongue rings can be found in a wide range of shapes, sizes, styles and lengths in order to meet the individual preference of the people. You can also find tongue piercing jewelry that is featured with more elegant features like additional adornments with gemstones and other classic features. If you want to purchase the perfect type of tongue ring, you need to aware of the quality of the material, with which the accessory is made of. It is recommended to choose the tongue piercing jewelry that is crafted out of 316L surgical grade stainless steel, 14k gold or titanium. You can even consider buying tongue rings, which are produced using non-materials like bioplast and acrylic plastic as they are protective in terms of quality, but not suggested for those with sensitive skin.

Tongue Piercing Jewelry

Tongue piercing jewelry with additional adornments

In an effort to cater to the wider requirements and expectations of the piercing enthusiasts, tongue piercing jewelry comes out with endless options. Whether you want a tongue ring in colored metal or barbells attached with beads, you are free to pick your option based on your ideal wish. Manufacturers now come up with innovative ideas to implement on tongue piercing jewelry for adding further charm and appeal the rings, like vibration. It is more important to choose the proper type of tongue piercing jewelry to wear while being cautious about the material. Make sure that you purchase only a product that is made of superior quality metal so that no infection or irritation is caused on the tongue.

Tongue Piercing Jewelry

Different style options for tongue piercing jewelry

If you are out to buy an exquisite piece of tongue piercing jewelry, you can check for the different kinds of materials available, which include stainless steel, sterling silver, solid gold, acrylic, and titanium. It is up to you to determine which length, gauge, color and size of the ball to pick. The collections will include pieces of tongue piercing jewelry that suit to various situations and occasions of your life, be it a great holiday, a camping or a common working day.

  • Striped glow in the dark tongue ring

Experience fun with this spectacular piece of tongue ring fashioned by means of surgical steel straight barbell sporting two acrylic balls. By wearing this acrylic tongue ring, you can able to reveal the most adoring side of you, while attracting the attention of people around you. If you are new to tongue piercing, this is the right piece of jewelry you must try out to look gorgeous.

Tongue Piercing Jewelry

  • Multi-gem ball straight barbell

To show off an amazing look with an ideal tongue piercing, consider trying this multi gem ball straight barbell that is made of 316L surgical grade stainless steel. Sporting straight barbell along with crystals of a different color, this is definitely a great tongue piercing jewelry. The crystals set in the barbells at both the end are of multiple colors, which form the major highlight of the whole ring. It is really a must-have accessory in your piercing jewelry collection worth purchasing to adorn your tongue piercing.

Tongue Piercing Jewelry

  • Black white acrylic marvelously marbled barbell tongue ring

Raise the bar on great simplicity with this striking acrylic marble tongue ring. This white and black tongue barbell is adorned with fun marble swirls and is developed out of surgical grade stainless steel having acrylic ball ends. This is a straight barbell tongue piercing jewelry that can be utilized for multiple types of piercings. You can feel more comfortable on sporting this wonderful piece of accessory since the barbell is made of the superior quality material that will trigger no infection or irritation to the piercing area.

Tongue Piercing Jewelry

  • White faux pearl barbell tongue ring

Keep it serene and classy with this ideal piece of faux pearl barbell tongue ring. The classic white faux pearls balls are set on a surgical grade stainless steel barbell that measures 14 gauge. The white color pearl barbell creates the charm with its simple yet luxury feel. If you willing to dress up yourself in a unique way for the next event, you should consider wearing this simple piece of white faux pearl tongue jewelry. The white barbells have a polished look that shines smooth to make eyebrows rise on a single glance.

Tongue Piercing Jewelry

  • Gleaming green anodized titanium barbell tongue ring

Move back to nature with this polished green barbell tongue ring. This is a high-end steel tongue ring measuring 14 gauges to suit anyone who wishes for a contemporary style tongue piercing jewelry. The titanium material ensures the safety of the jewelry to be used for body piercing. This titanium tongue piercing jewelry is a very cool and unusual style of jewelry perfect for tongue piercing.

Tongue Piercing Jewelry


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