Tourmaline Earrings

Tourmaline Earrings

by Preeti Sharma

Tourmaline earrings are available in styles like pierced and clip-on. Keeping these two basic styles, the tourmaline earrings further branch out in a vast variety of shapes and designs. The pierced earring has the most popular style that includes simple studs, posts with hanging earrings at the front.

Tourmaline Earring Buying Guide

Tourmaline earrings are a beautiful piece of jewelry art, striking to look at. Tourmaline earrings can be bought to enhance your overall look and beauty. Before you buy the tourmaline earring for yourself, here is our Tourmaline earring buying guide to help you to get your best deal of tourmaline earrings.

Features of Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a group of associated mineral species. The name Tourmaline is derived from Sinhalese word tourmali, meaning a “mixed parcel.” Before we discuss the styles of tourmaline earrings and give you tips to buy them, let us first tell you what the tourmaline stone looks like in general.


For Tourmaline, color is crucial. You can get this stone in several hues and shades than any other gemstone. Tourmaline comes in all possible colors. There are also tourmalines that you can find in more than one color at the same stone. Let us tell you about some of the important varieties of tourmaline color. They are Rubellite (red) and Indicolite (blue).

Chrome is an intense green color highlighted by chromium or vanadium.

The bi-color tourmaline displays two or more colors in one stone. Watermelon tourmaline is really beautiful to see. It is a bi-color stone that has green skin and red core. This stone is often cut in slices. The Canary color of tourmaline stone is bright yellow from Malawi. Paraíba is an intense blue color to green colored by copper from Brazil. The Cat’s Eye tourmaline is chatoyant in a great assortment of colors.

The color change of Tourmaline varies from green color in daylight to red in candent light. As it is prevalent with most of the gems, the color should be as strong as possible. It must not be too dark or too light.

Watermelon Tourmaline



On the color variety of tourmaline, the proper lighting condition depends. The colors like red, orange and yellow mostly look best under the candent light. The other colors like green, blue and violet look even prettier in daylight. While buying any tourmaline or say any gem broadly, it is a practically good idea to analyze the stone under the light sources. This will not make you surprised or shocked in future.


There are different varieties of tourmaline stone. All of them tend to have a different level of clarity. You can find neat large tourmaline stones in blue and blue-green colors. About all the red and pink tourmaline stone indicates features visible to naked eye. One of the most common inclusions in tourmaline is the fracture and liquid-filled healed fracture. You can also get to see the needle inclusion quite commonly.


One can find the cuts variety in tourmaline as variegated as its color. With its strong Pleochroism the dark color tourmalines have cuts to show the lighter stone of the two pleochroic colors. The tourmaline gem has cut with the orientation that often has rectangles and the rectangular emerald cuts. This is chiefly due to the prolonged nature of the crystals of tourmaline. The Tourmaline stone of light color is oriented particularly with table facet vertical to the c-axis. This helps to display the affluence of the color as possible. This is why you can get the tourmaline stone often cut in rounds or triangles or trillions and ovals.


You can find tremendous variation in the prices of tourmaline stone. The cost depends largely on the variety and the quality of the stone. One of the most expensive varieties is of the Paraíba tourmaline. Paraiba can reach up to the tens of thousands of dollars for each per carat. The chrome color Rubellite, fine indicolites and bi-colors of tourmalines may sell for as high as $1000/ct. and more. The other varieties available in the market are for the price between $50-750/ct. The price as such depends on the richness of tourmaline color.


Most of tourmaline stones tend to be less than one ct. The Paraíba tourmaline is an extremely rare variety of the faceted stones above 2 carats. The chrome tourmaline has a rare quality and size that is above 10 carats.


Though tourmaline is never been synthesized, but there are some imitations that exist. This includes natural stones and other man made imitations like glass.

The Tourmaline Earring styles

The tourmaline stone gives the earrings a fashion statement to make it more than just a decorative jewelry for your ear. Tourmaline earrings have it all – excellent style, flare, and the quality to enhance the look of the wearer. You can get the tourmaline earrings in all possible designs and styles with all possible metals.

Tourmaline earrings are available in styles like pierced and clip-on. Keeping these two basic styles, the tourmaline earrings further branch out in a vast variety of shapes and designs. The pierced earring has the most popular style that includes simple studs, posts with hanging earrings at the front. The posts hold a round hoop or embraced earring. The pierced tourmaline earring is attached to the ear with a wire that runs through the earlobe other than the post. The clip on tourmaline earrings are what the name involves attaching the ear with a hole through the earlobe. They have a clip on with a spring attachment or screw in the post.

The Silver or white gold looks really attractive with tourmaline. The cool colors of tourmaline like blue and ferozi appear even prettier. You can even try the earring embellished with three or four small stones in different colors set in an exclusive combination and style in one earring. It has a very stylish look. Some of the best combinations are pink, blue, green and yellow. More so, you can wear it with all kinds of dresses.

Tourmaline earring can be worn with both formal and casual apparel. You can also mix yellow and white gold in a tourmaline earring with one single stone. This makes the overall look of the stone real smart and unlike. If you pick a small or medium size of stone for the design of earring, the emphasis must be on both the design and stone. Keep in mind the design of the earring before you select the stone.

If you are creative enough you can make your own design of the tourmaline earring and give it to the jeweler to carry it out in real. Otherwise, internet is the best medium to browse on some of the exquisite styles of tourmaline earrings. You can put a glance on the design, improve it further with your imagination and get a brand new unique earring made for your self.

Check the facts below while buying a tourmaline earring

  • The quality of the stone
  • The nature of stone-real or synthetic
  • Obvious scratches, chips or inclusions.
  • Overall smoothness of color.
  • The cut of the stone
  • The small sizes of cut in tourmaline for earrings give it a great look. It is also easy to handle and care.
  • Purchase your tourmaline earring from a registered jeweler. It will help you to make it sure you are not plying for a false stone.