Top 8 Tourmaline Rings and Their Charming Features

Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone and also an abundant mineral. It is available in number of colors, like pink, yellow, blue, green, and brown and black. The color of the stone relies on the trace elements exist while the stone structured in nature. The beauty of the tourmaline ring will truly seize your lust for style and design. Tourmaline rings and gemstones  are admired by jewelry enthusiasts. Absolutely, there is a color to meet every individual or adore any moon and their exquisite hardness rating makes them perfect for wear. Tourmaline rings also work or healing or remedial gems. They are known to drive back risk and encourage originality. A tourmaline ring is known to help attain balance among chakras and augment physical endurance to a greater extent.

Tourmaline Rings

Tourmaline ring designs to check out

Tourmaline ring designs vary in almost endless number of ways, particularly due to the fact that tourmaline stones are available in every color of spectrum. It is due to this reason; tourmaline is easily considered as one of the highly versatile gemstones and is also certainly remains as the most lovable stones by jewelers throughout the world. The prevalent tourmaline ring designs range from very simple and inexpensive sterling silver tourmaline ring to expensive and luxurious gold or platinum tourmaline rings.

Tourmaline Rings

Tourmaline rings that sport Paraiba or rubellite tourmaline are usually set with gold, whereas the other common tourmaline colors are typically found instilled in sterling silver and adorned with fancy sapphire melees or white zircon. The designs of tourmaline ring normally feature round, oval or octagonal and emerald-cut faceted gemstones. It is because the normal tourmaline extended bar-shaped gem is difficult to be set into classic rings. However thankfully, by the skill of ideal custom ring designers, you can find more and more novelty and interesting ring designs that feature color-zoned, long and facet-cut tourmaline gemstones.

Tourmaline Rings

Here is the detailed buying guide for tourmaline, check now

Choosing the perfect tourmaline ring

Tourmaline rings that feature popular and bright colors like red purple, blue-green, blue or hot pink to canary yellow, normally cost a bit more than that of other colors, like golden or golden-green. The forest-green tourmaline that is colored by chromium is also pretty rare and so valuable, particularly while set in fine jewelry and rings. Most tourmaline is fully untreated, however buyers must always inquire with jewelry and gem sellers to check whether tourmaline rings have underwent any sort of enhancements or treatments.

Tourmaline Rings

What does tourmaline rings mean?

Typically, tourmaline ring meanings will rely on the stones chosen or the color of stone. If tourmaline is set on to a ring as a central stone or main stone, the favors of wearing tourmaline rings are more pronounced, as against wearing tourmaline rings with small accent stones. Normally, any color tourmaline featured in rings will assist polarize emotion and energy, particularly if the stone or rubbed or heated to develop a charge. In addition, tourmaline birthstone rings are known to offer meaning in life for those people born in October and those whose astrological sign is Libra.

Tourmaline Rings

  • Miadora 10k rose gold tourmaline, morganite and diamond ring

Create wonderful memories with this tourmaline ring featuring three timeless stones that make it perfect as a birthday or engagement gift. Every rounded gem develops a nicely crafted appeal that is suitable for a striking affair. With its exquisitely set pave setting, this tourmaline ring is definitely to remain in place. The tourmaline gems adorned with diamonds set together to form a luxurious look.

Tourmaline Rings

  • Stackable ring pink tourmaline ring in sterling silver

This stackable ring is crafted from antiques sterling silver and embellished with pink square-cut tourmaline. Tourmaline is usually subject to treatments or enhancement processes like irradiation, heating and impregnation with oil or resin that may not be permanent and would need special care. If you want to clean this ring, you must do it gently by rinsing in warm water and using a soft cloth to dry it off. You should avoid the use of chemicals, temperature changes, ultrasonic cleaning and steaming.

Tourmaline Rings

  • Glitzy rocks white topaz pink tourmaline sterling silver and created opal ring

This adorable ring is featured with a stunning amethyst framed with authentic tanzanite stones lining the border with glittering white topaz stones decorated on the band. This ring is designed out of fine sterling silver with superior polish finish. The pink and white color gemstones form the highlight of this tourmaline ring, while making this ring a perfect choice to add in your jewelry collection.

Tourmaline Rings

  • Malaika 14k yellow gold tourmaline gemstone and diamond ring

Build from shining 14k yellow gold, this piece of ornament forms a glamorous addition to setting. Displaying 3/5 carat of white diamond stones and gemstone, this band can be completed with high-end radiant form. The tourmaline and opal gemstone makes it an ideal piece of adornment for those who wish to have tourmaline jewelry.


  • Michael valitutti 18k yellow gold pink tourmaline diamond ring

This striking Michael Valitutti ring is featured with an incredible pink tourmaline that is accented by means of tourmaline and diamonds. Made of 18k yellow gold, this tourmaline ring glows brightly, while carrying highly polished finish. The princess gemstone shape and pink gemstone color combines well to produce a charming tourmaline ring with bead setting.

Tourmaline Rings

  • Tourmaline diamond engagement ring with red tourmaline

This amazing one carat natural red tourmaline ring is featured with 0.15 ct side diamonds featuring yellow gold band. This highly precious engagement ring weighs 2.3 grams and is handcrafted seamlessly with care and love to perfectly fit your elegance and romantic taste. It is a sizeable ring that can also be ordered with white gold band if you wish. This forms an ideal ornament for all occasions. You will never get disappointed with this ring and it makes a unique gift to reveal your love for you.

By looking at the aforementioned products, you would probably have an idea about the tourmaline ring and its features. You can also search for much more range of tourmaline ring ideas online.