Alexandrite Jewelry

Alexandrite Jewelry

by Binashaji

Buying Alexandrite Jewellery can be a daunting task. Simply because, authentic stones are very rare and highly priced. There are plenty of imitations of this eye-catching stone and spotting a genuine gem requires skill and knowledge about Alexandrites.

If you want to feel like Royalty, invest in some genuine Alexandrite Jewellery. This enchanting stone, was discovered in the Russian Ural mountains, was named after Alexander. It is a unique co-incidence the stone was discovered almost at the same time as his ascension to the throne at a young age. The colors of the Alexandrite are Red and Green, which were also the colors of the Russian Royalty in the 18th century. This captivating color-changing stone takes on a Greenish-Blue shade in the daylight and a Reddish- purple color under artificial light. The Russian Empress Catherine, on discovering these gems were being sold to other countries, is said to have slain the culprits who dared sell the Royal stone outside of the Royal Family. For this reason, a major part of the Russian Alexandrite could not be readily found in the market. Although now many pieces from the Royal collection have found their way into collector’s coffers.

Alexandrite RingMany Gemstones exhibit a color change, but it is very weak and sometimes an untrained eye can miss the color transformation, but this is not the case with Alexandrite. This wondrous gem has a strong color change with exquisite shades of Red, Green, Blue and Purple. An Alexandrite of high quality is a pleasure to watch.

Buying Alexandrite Jewellery can be a daunting task. Simply because, authentic stones are very rare and highly priced. There are plenty of imitations of this eye-catching stone and spotting a genuine gem requires skill and knowledge about Alexandrites. If you wish to own an entire Alexandrite ensemble, you would have to spend a small fortune or even a large fortune depending on the quality of the stones. Like with all gemstones, color change is the most important aspect that will decide the superiority of the gem. A strong color change from reddish-purple to blue-green in daylight will command a higher price than a stone with a weak color-change. Secondly, the origin of the stone is also important. Alexandrites from Russia will be more valuable, since Russian stones are very rare and of superior quality. Alexandrite deposits have also been found in Sri Lanka, India, parts of Africa and Brazil.

Making a statement about your personal confidence and panache was never so easy. A large Alexandrite ring with matching single stone large earrings can speak a million words. Catching the eye, with a glint of green or red, Alexandrites can add to your style quotient. Large signet Alexandrite Rings are also a popular choice amongst men who dare to be different.

If you are buying expensive Alexandrite Jewellery, always ask for a Certificate of Authenticity from a reputed Gem Laboratory. Most reputed stores selling Alexandrite always sell the Jewellery with a Certificate. The most popular Jewellery created from Alexandrite is Rings. Large stones are set as cabochons (single stones) in Gold or Platinum. Since the price per carat of the Alexandrite is high, large uncut stones are more expensive because some of the stone is wasted when it is cut to bring out its best facets. Smaller stones are set in necklaces and bracelets too.

Some people consider buying Alexandrite Jewellery as an investment since Alexandrite deposits are not readily found and there is always a scarcity of good quality stones, both these factors increase the price of this gem considerably. Owning an Alexandrite can be a good omen. It is said to have healing properties and has positive vibrations to aid the nervous system. The stone is also said to boost a person’s self-esteem and confidence.

Although Alexandrite is a semi-precious stone, it commands a very high price almost equivalent with the four most expensive gemstones Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds and Diamonds. The Alexandrite is a chrysoberyl – stones which change color with change in the light source. Most chrysoberyls have a very small color change and the highest quality chrysoberyls with a distinct color change are termed as Alexandrites.

With a hardness of 8.5 on the Mohs scale, Alexandrite is durable and perfect for Jewellery. It does not need too much care, but be sure to protect it from harsh chemicals, scratches, hard knocks and extremes of climate which could blemish the beauty of this gem. Washing in soap and warm water will suffice for cleaning an Alexandrite.

Synthetic Alexandrite stones are most often treated low quality Sapphires. Low quality Alexandrite stones are also treated to improve the gemstone’s appearance by filling the fissures on the surface with colorless oil or wax or other substances. It is also possible to be fooled with glass and plastic imitations, although it is easy to spot a cheap imitation because it will not have the required color change. Low quality stones will have a weak color change and may retain either a greenish tinge or a brown color even after the light source is changed from daylight to fluorescent.

Rings or Earrings, these exquisite gems are considered to be collector’s items and many connoisseurs are always on the prowl for high quality Alexandrite Jewellery to be worn at special events as conversation pieces.

If you wish to feel Royal and feel a connection with King Alexander, invest in some Alexandrite for its changing colors and scarce availability and links with the Russian Royalty.