Healing through Moonstones

Healing through Moonstones

by Madhubanti Rudra

Rainbow moonstone is yet another magic of nature. The multiple hues do not only make it look great, its colorful rainbow effects have the power of cleansing your soul and flooding your inside with plenty of positive energy.

Deriving its name from the beauty of full moon, moonstone has always been revered for its gentle effects across the civilizations. The ancient Romans and mighty Greeks who believed moonstones to be emerged from the moonlight, always kept this stone close to their hearts for many of its magical healing and curative prowess. Even in the turn of a new millennium, people could not ignore the charm of this translucent stone and the soothing effect that it brings to one’s life.

Amazing advancement in science and technology has changed the life of man and his surroundings for ever. In this changed world, natural healing solutions have simply become a rage. Astrological remedies have become the most popular among them both in terms of trust and success rate. All people go through some tough phases of their lives caused by the mal functions of weak planets in their birth charts. According to Indian ancient philosophy, from where the science of Astrology was believed to be originated, the radiations of the natural gemstones are blessed with special “astral” powers. As such, flawless good quality gems are capable of promoting good fortune and health, while poor quality gems may invite bad luck in forms of ill health or loss of fortune.

According to the Hindu scriptures, power of gems emanates from the nine planets known as “nava-graha” which have their specific associated gems and accordingly Pearl is recommended for Moon. Known as Chandramani in Hindu Astrological literatures, the moonstone is recommended as the secondary stone for moon. Moonstone is prescribed for warding off the evils caused by a disadvantageous position of moon in the birth chart. In general, moonstone is worn for squeezing the cooling effect at the time when sun enters in a negative position. As moonstone has all the qualities of pearl, it is worn as the substitute for pearl. Like pearl, moonstone is also associated with the strengthening of mental faculties and maintaining emotional balance. It also helps to maintain the tranquility of your inner self and enhances self control. However there is one difference between the effect of pearl and moonstone. The cooling effect of Moonstone may reach such a point that leaves the wearer exposed to the cold and cough related diseases. That is why, moonstone is advised to be worn along with some other gemstone that is capable of producing enough heat to neutralize the chilling effect of moonstone.

Special powers of different color moonstones

The commonest variety of feldspar (adular), moonstones are found in different shades of color. The chemical amalgamation of calcium, sodium or potassium and aluminum silicate render this stone with different soft and soothing hues that range from colorless to pale white, yellow, or blue. Generally moonstones are transparent, but sometimes the milk-white variety comes with blue or white schillers which give the stone, the effect of moonshine.

Although the calming effects of moonstone do not depend on its color, presence of different tones in the stone are capable of producing extra benefits. The moonstone with a greenish tone ensures a good physical growth, while the black tones help in intellectual developments. The moonstones with white tones add to the spiritual insight. On the other hand, a stone with blue hues have all the above virtues in one.

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow moonstone is yet another magic of nature. The multiple hues do not only make it look great, its colorful rainbow effects have the power of cleansing your soul and flooding your inside with plenty of positive energy. Like the rainbow it also harmonizes such human qualities as endurance and compassion to make the character emotionally balanced. That makes one confident and creatively inclined.

Moonstone and the Women

One of the most acknowledged fertility crystals, moonstones are believed to play a special role in the lives of the women. A traditional symbol of goddess Moon, it imbibes all the gentle attributes of a caring and sharing mother and wearing moonstone helps to enhance these feminine qualities. Moonstone which is associated with women’s monthly cycles is particularly good for post-menopause women. It is also believed to protect the women during pregnancy and child birth and helps in the process of rebirth. They are also helpful in enhancing feminine energy and intuitive abilities. They solve many gynecological complications relating to obesity, pituitary gland, hormonal misbalance or menstrual problems. A moonstone is also believed to assist in regenerating the tissues and organs of the reproductive system. The moonstone increases the tolerance level and helps to absorb pain and illness.

Moonstone and the male energy

Although, moonstone is traditionally associated with the well being of the women, it may create wonder for the men as well. For the calculative men of the world, moonstones can strike a balance between their heart and the brain. It helps in their emotional expressions and enhances their creativity. Wearing a moonstone helps a man to develop intuitive visions. It helps to improve on their instinct of sacrifice too.

Mystical Powers

Although folklores often lack scientific foundation or myths are short of historical evidence, they have a permanent place in the hearts of people and they have great inspirational values too. It is this belief system that adds to the material value and popularity of the gemstones. For that matter, in eastern, as well as western countries moonstone has always been revered as a stone for rendering clairvoyance and it has also been regarded as a great love booster. A symbol of fertility, moonstone has been recommended for those associated with plantation and cultivation. The people engaged in sea related professions like the sailors or swimmers are also believed to get protection from moonstones. Because of the symbolic connection of moon’s journey through the Zodiac, moonstone is respected as a protective ‘amulate’ for the night travelers. It also protects the children from nightmares and takes care of the nursing mothers.

In general, moonstone spells new beginning and rejuvenation, fosters abundance and replenishment and stands for wisdom and insight.