Kyanite Jewelry – The Amazing And Beautiful Jewelry For Positive Energy

Kyanite normally gets its name from Greek word called as “Kyanos” denoting Blue. One of the popular colors of the kyanite jewelry is the vibrant blue and it is similar to that of the regal shade of sapphire.

  • The Gem also comes in many different colors that includes White, Grey, Green, Yellow as well as colorless.
  • Since the 19th Century, the Kyanite are mined across the world and at some point the French jewelers used the name “Sappare” mistakenly for describing the Kyanite and this is the name that is still used today.

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  • Amazing kyanite jewelry has been used for many years with many number of women likes to choose to being more elegance to their beauty.
  • In the ancient times, many number of travelers took the Kyanite stones along with them for exploring the unknown regions.
  • The main reason is that it is believed that a small piece of the kyanite suspended from human hair would easily follow magnetic force of the earth thus acting as the Compass needle.
  • Kyanite suspension technique is quite helpful for guiding the journey in the olden days.


Why use the Kyanite Jewelry?

Kyanite is one of the precious jewel that every women likes to wear and it creates the luminous and shimmering display.

  • Kyanite is highly suitable for its formal design so that it would be quite easier for bringing new as well as style look.
  • Some people believed that kyanite acts as the calming stone that is quite helpful to make the mind quiet as well as dissolving the feelings of frustration and anger.


  • Kyanite is available in many number of styles and people used to wear them for the casual to elegant occasion.
  • Most women likes to choose the Jewel based on many different styles and they are not consistent with higher durability.
  • The kyanite jewelry are quite amazing with streaks or patches with the varying shades that appears in the gem.
  • The main reason for the variation in the colors brings more uniqueness as well as natural appeal so that they are shaped with the beauty in the highest extend.
  • Formal designs of Kyanite are available in the most excellent way so that it would give the stylish look.

Types of Kyanite jewelry:

Kyanite jewelry looks quite amazingly beautiful along with the sterling silver or 14kt gold.

  • The Kyanite is known for its power of using based on spiritual and healing and the crystals are available in many different colors.


  • Kyanite has a core set of attributes along with the individual properties.
  • The kyanite jewelry have the cool and unforced energy that would give you the superior power in the amazing style.
  • Wearing it would facilitate meditation with aiding the quick transition of the consciousness states.
  • Kyanite is the best options for contacting the angels with the spirit guides and higher powers.
  • Kyanite is also known as the alignment Stone and it also alleviates the pain in the muscles as well as muscle conditions.


  • Kyanite have the gem quality is normally found in the Brazil, India, Kenya, Switzerland, Australia, Russia, United States and Myanmar.

Black Kyanite:

The Black Kyanite would create the powerful directional energy that can be easily used for any direction. The Black Kyanite is quite believed as the good option for

  • Removing the unwanted energies
  • Releasing attachments
  • Channeling positive energy

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Black Kyanite said to open all the chakras with burning off the Negative karmic energy.

Blue Kyanite:

The Blue kyanite is also known for opening the Throat Chakra and the Bindu Visarga.

  • Blue Kyanite believed to open channels of communication with allowing the easiest way to express the calm and peaceful method.
  • The Blue kyanite believed to open, active and cleanse all of the chakras.
  • Mostly, the kyanite jewelry offers you the uniqueness with adding more beauty and these are the commonly found jewels.


Green Kyanite:

  • The Green kyanite stones are amazing crystal that acts as the Heart Chakra.
  • Green kyanite has similar effect as that of blue kyanite with having all the chakras however it has more expansive energy.
  • Green kyanite strengthens the heart with emotion and physical with teaching us to have the ultimate compassion and love.
  • This would automatically encourage the spiritual and psychic development with giving gentle protection offering complete support.
  • The green kyanite jewels also believed to bring the positive influence on immune system and they are highly recommended for sinus problems, epilepsy, asthma as well as for reducing the swelling.


Orange Kyanite:

The Orange kyanite is much more dynamic when compared to others and it would floor the body with deep orange light so that the energy would be moving upward such as bubbles in a fish tank, inertia and clearing stagnation.

  • Wearing the kyanite jewelry would be much easier to get the lifted life with the mind and spirit. It motivates us to move only forward and higher.
  • Orange kyanite represents Six of Wands (Staves) along with the tarot.


Kyanite Jewelry Care & Handling:

  • The Kyanite is known for its hardness and durability. The stone is cut with the range of 4 to 7 on the Mohs scale.
  • Kyanite gemstones are suited for many types of kyanite jewelry that includes earrings and necklaces.
  • The kyanite jewelry will be more protected from the scratches and bangs so that you can automatically clean the jewelry.
  • To clean the kyanite jewelry, you need to have warm, soapy water with the safe storing when not in use.