by Basundhara Mitra

Hoops are other popular styles of men’s earrings, Dangling crosses, bars, beads and drops are worn by the bolder men to enhance their distinctive fashion sense.

Jewelry today has ceased to be a woman-dominated arena. Even a few decades ago, men’s jewelry was restricted to gold watches, bracelets and ‘kadas.’ Today, however, man competes with woman in terms of adornment. If the lady has her silver, gold and diamond earrings, chains, pendants, necklaces and nose studs, can the gentleman be far behind?

Mens with earringsExperimenting with jewelry, one of the greatest successes of the male society has been the earring. The earring, especially the stud, has become a unisex accessory, setting off personal styles to perfection. Although male ear piercing originated as a sign of rebellion, it is now a sign of urban elegance. At the apex of elegant accessorizing is the diamond stud which, while enhancing the beauty of the lady, also adds to the macho image of the trendy man. The single stud with a single rock, ranging in various sizes has become not a passing fashion statement but a lasting style statement influenced largely by the Hip Hop culture.

Silver, gold or platinum hoops are other popular styles of men’s earrings. Worn either in one lobe or both, hoops can be in pierced holes or clip-on ones. Bali hoops (with pin catch) are also favored among the fashionable urbanite.

Dangling crosses, bars, beads and drops are worn by the bolder men to enhance their distinctive fashion sense.
Earrings in the Tiffany styles often adorn the ears of celebrities and rock stars.


Ball earrings on wire or posts are the simplest and coolest way to boost the tough guy image.

Ball earrings

Another tasteful trend is the multi gemstone earrings with combinations of various precious and semi precious stones like rubies, emeralds, amethyst, sapphire, peridot, tanzanite, topaz, opal and other bright stones in prong, bezel or decorative settings.

Logo earrings are also ‘in’ with various symbols like that of Superman, Cadillac or the New York Yankees leading the trend.

Huggy earring (where the settings hug the earlobe), stick-on earrings (with adhesive backing), magnetic earrings (where the earring is held on by a magnet at the back of the earlobe), ball closure rings (or captive bead rings) are other fancier varieties of macho earrings that can be used for multiple ear piercing, too.

The eclectic range of men’s earrings that dominates the male jewelry taste today, is a clear indication that the earring has overcome the boundary between the two sexes and has become a means of portraying a personal sense of fashion and style.