Mens Rings

Mens Rings


Men and women all love jewelry. Be it wedding or some other function, jewelry is must. When it comes to jewelry, rings form an important part of the ensemble. Women love the delicate rings with embedded stones while men love to have thick and simple rings. Remember, choosing a ring for a man is never that easy. But a good ring can surely win a heart. Rings are the best gift for any man.

Rings can be hand made or machine made. There are many styles and designs of men’s rings. Most men’s rings are wide, thick and have a single stone. They are made of different metals, different stones and are of different thickness.


Gold Rings

mens ringsGold has been a widely used metal for jewelry and most men love wearing gold rings. Rings made of this yellow metal appear stunningly beautiful. Rings made of white gold are gorgeous too. Some times a combination of white and yellow gold is used in rings.

You can choose a plain gold ring or a ring with embedded stones or diamond. Gold rings are available in different karats of gold i.e. 12k, 14k, 18k, 20k and 22k. The price depends on the gold karats. If you don’t wish to spend a lot on rings, you can choose to have gold plated rings or rings made of other metals that look like gold.

Platinum Rings

Platinum rings are also very popular with men. Unlike rings made of white gold, these platinum rings don’t require regular polishing or coating. Whether plain or with studded stones, these rings look amazing with a brilliant white shine. Whatever the occasion, gold and platinum rings are an ideal gift.

Titanium Rings

Titanium rings are now in great demand. Most men prefer titanium because of the special nature of the metal that suits everyone. Titanium doesn’t cause reactions like other metals. So no more skin allergies and no skin discolorations!

Unlike other metals, these titanium rings never loose their shine and always have a fresh look. These rings are very durable and scratch free. You can wear them daily. Titanium can be used along with other metals in making very attractive rings.

Silver Rings

Silver rings are loved by many for its enchanting appeal. These silver rings look like rings made of white gold but is extremely easy on the pocket. Since silver is very pliable, you can be sure to get many different designs of silver rings. Silver rings can also be coated with gold or platinum to give a classic look.


Diamonds are known to be women’s best friends. But men too are now fond of diamond rings. Whatever the metal, a diamond can enhance the beauty of the ring. Diamond rings for men are usually wide and elaborate. They come in different styles, sizes, karats and colors. The diamond square ring embedded in Italian yellow gold, solitaire diamond rings, cluster diamond rings, diagonal diamond rings and satin diamond rings are now trendy. Most men prefer gold or platinum with a studded diamond. You may find rings with a single large diamond or cluster of diamonds. All that is important is the cut of the diamond that makes it beautiful. Diamond rings would be perfect for weddings and anniversaries.


Rings of all metals come in variety of shapes and styles. Men’s rings get a striking look when studded with gemstones like sapphire, emerald, topaz, ruby, opal and tanzanite. Men’s rings also come with birth stones embedded in them. So whatever the metal you choose, you can get it in the style you wish. Some of the latest styles in fashion are migraines, domed or comfort fit.

Migraine rings have a subtle look and are suitable for those who love delicate designs. Domed rings are usually wider and are slightly arched. They are favorites with a number of men. When studded with stones, they appear extremely gorgeous. Comfort fit rings, as the name indicates, fit the fingers comfortably. The inner edges of these rings are shaped such that not much pressure is felt on the fingers. They are usually wider and are perfect for daily use. These rings are available plain as well as with embedded precious and semi-precious stones. Plain rings can also be engraved to give a more elegant look.

Rings with engraved initials are now in great style. Men love to have the initials of their spouse or of some special people on their rings. Signet rings come in thick sizes and allow space for engraving. People with religious sentiments can go for religious cross rings.


Rings are not just ornaments to enhance beauty. They have been much more. They indicate love, commitment and sentiments. They silently express the feelings they have for their loved ones.

Promise Rings

Promise rings are exchanged as a symbol of commitment and staying faithful to each other. Promise rings come into variety of shapes and styles. Those made of titanium, gold, silver and platinum are in huge demand. These rings may be either hand-painted or have an antique touch. They also come with studded stones or engraved initials. Since promise rings are intended for daily use, delicate designs are not preferred. Some of the promise rings currently in trend are Celtic knot rings, Sterling silver rings, Turkish puzzle rings, and Greek key style rings.

Wedding Rings

Days when men never used wedding rings so as to hide their marital status are now gone. Most men now seem to wear wedding rings as a symbol of love and commitment towards their spouse. For weddings, most men prefer plain gold or gold with embedded diamond rings. But there are a lot more designs you can choose from.

Wedding is a very special moment in everyone’s life. So why not choose some special and unique design? You can select some unique stones studded in your favorite metal. You can go for two-tone rings, carbon fiber or stainless steel rings. Titanium wedding rings and Celtic wedding bands are the latest trend in wedding rings. Wedding rings are now available with all the zodiac signs. Sounds great, isn’t it?

Well, there is no restriction at all when it comes to wedding rings. After all it’s your special day. So choose the one you like best.

Whatever the occasion, men have a variety of rings to choose from. Just decide the style of ring and you’re sure to find an elegant piece of your choice.