Italian Charm Bracelets

Italian Charm Bracelets

by Madubanti Rudra

They can be chic and fun at one go, they can be worn for a cause or simply worn to make an individual fashion statement—in any form, Italian charm bracelets can add value and personality to your jewelry wardrobe. The article throws light on many aspects of this versatile accessory.

They can be chic and fun at one go, they can be worn for a cause or simply worn to make an individual fashion statement—in any form, Italian charm bracelets can add value and personality to your jewelry wardrobe. The article throws light on many aspects of this versatile accessory.

Oprah Winfrey is reported as being floored by their charms, Singer Mariah Carey is known for her obsession with these dangling beauties, makeup and skin care Empress Trish McEvoy has been reported to have built a second empire on these very trinkets, Keira Knightley clings to hers for luck– celebrities and non-celebrities across the globe seem to share same passion as it comes to adding up to their collection of charm bracelets and Italian charms.

Italian charm bracelets: Looking back

Italian charm bracelets, as their name suggests, were actually born in Europe but they were made popular by Americans. During the mid 1980’s European soccer players started wearing these bracelets with the emblem of their national flags on them. In response to the soccer fans’ growing interests in these pieces, jewelry giant Nominations decided to launch its first ever line of modular charm bracelets and these became the most worn jewelry pieces in Italy in other parts of Europe. They also caught the attention of American vacationers in the Mediterranean and they carried the style across the Atlantic.

italian charm bracelet

The rest, as they say was history, the 90’s saw the rise of Italian charm bracelets as the must-have accessories among the jewelry collectors and consumers of all ages and at the turn of the new millennium, the demand for Italian charm bracelets shaped into a veritable craze among the fashion-bitten Americans. Let’s flash back a bit in order to dig dipper in the past and we will see the early Christians carrying the “ichthys” (fish) charm, under their garments to identify themselves with the fellow members of the secret society, while Jewish scholars during that time used to carry golden amulets containing parchments with laws scribbled on them. Through the middle ages, the Christian fighters would wear them on belts to ward off the evil as well as to flaunt their pedigree.

During the Renaissance, the popularity of charm bracelets receded among the wealthy class. But in the Twentieth century, it was the English Queen, who contributed to the revival of the charm bracelet, but this time as a fashion accessory and not as something with a talismanic value. In the twenty first century, Italian charm bracelets triggered off one of the biggest fashion trends of recent times.

Italian Charm bracelet: A unique piece of jewelry

In its look, it is a flat, colorful band; in its feel it exudes a strong personalized and even emotional statement. Italian charm bracelets are nothing but a collection of small rectangular pieces adorned with emblems or designs snapped together on a stainless steel base to make a bracelet.

A model wearing Italian charm bracelet

An Italian Charm bracelet is a kind of flat band comprising of a series of individual modular links. The traditional Italian charm bracelets flaunt as many as eighteen charm links, each of which has a separate charm design soldered onto the surface of the actual flat link. While the charm link bases are made of high quality stainless steel, the charm faces that are soldered on the top are usually made of 18K gold or are often gold-plated.

The face of the charm featuring the design is sometimes glued to the stainless steel link. The more expensive charm faces are adorned with colorful gemstones as part of their design schemes. The flat Italian charm bracelets are very different from their dangling cousins; on the former, the links are made to pop on and off of its stretchy band. You can add charms to empty slots or insert charms to complement your ensemble. You can wear them to promote a cause or you can just wear your mood with specially selected charms. Options are unlimited as it comes to sporting this particular piece of jewelry.

Making personalized statement with Italian charm bracelets is easy

As opposed to traditional charm bracelets, the Italian charms do not dangle from a chain. Here the individual charms are soldered on the flat surface of the eighteen blank links. The modular design makes room for interchangeable charms. Just replace one charm for another to rightly complement your ensemble, mood or the occasion. You can build your personalized collection of charms on different themes and styles, starting from an event, particular sport, animal or a particular hobby as a theme to a combination of styles including hand-painted, laser or photo Italian charms. Due to the standardized sizing, Italian charms are compatible with bracelets belonging to renowned brands such as Zoppini, Nomination and Disney. With over 6,000 Italian charm designs making the rounds, it is easy to pick and choose to create a personalized Italian Charm bracelet to reflect your personal style in incredible detail.
Italian charms can range from very high end to inexpensive pieces. This is the reason why they are loved by masses and classes alike. Branded Italian charms from the house of Louis Vuitton or Nomination using high quality anti-allergic stainless steel and 18K gold can range from anywhere between $15 to $100. However, regardless of their price and origin, at the end charm bracelets are fun to wear, great to gift and exciting to swap between friends. If you are heavily into e-shopping, then e-Bay is the place to make some cool bargains on vintage Italian charm bracelets. If the internet fails to impress you, then hit the local Hallmark stores or Ashley Averys for getting the special charm for your bracelet.