by Seema susheel

The interesting factor with diamond is that it can be cut into many fancy shapes and hence the buyer has many diamond shapes to choose from. The fancy shapes are attractive as the diamonds shine and brilliance depends on the way the shape of a diamond is and of course the cut.

To get engaged is a special moment in every individual’s life. To make this special moment memorable couples give each other engagement rings. Almost all the time, couples worldwide choose to buy a diamond engagement ring as diamond is forever and like diamond they wish that their relationship will stay shinning forever. An important decision is to choose the right ring, as the ring will stay shining testimony to this special day, for a lifetime. Apart from many other things choosing the right shape of the diamond is an important factor to decide on. The shape and cut in the diamond determines the luster and shine. The shape and cut though related are two different things and shouldn’t be mixed up. The shape is the form of the diamond and cut refers to the reflective qualities of the diamond.

Different diamond shapes
The interesting factor with diamond is that it can be cut into many fancy shapes and hence the buyer has many diamond shapes to choose from. The fancy shapes are attractive as the diamonds shine and brilliance depends on the way the shape of a diamond is and of course the cut. These fancy shapes are many and are generally named as round, princess, emerald, pear, oval, asscher cut, marquise, heart, radiant cut and triangle cut.

diamonds : round brilliantRound shaped diamond
Diamond is usually round and round shaped diamond is extremely popular too. The round shape is popular as it has the maximum shine and brilliance and would fit in to any design and style of the engagement ring. From a solitaire to a band of diamonds, or three stone ring. The round shape diamond has the maximum number of facets as compared to other shapes hence this is the only shape in diamonds which shines the brightest.

diamonds : princessPrincess shaped diamond
This shape of a diamond is traditionally the square shape with step smaller square on top which gives it a royal look. It’s basically a rectangular shape that was designed to get the maximum brilliance from a square shape diamond. This is the most popular shape in engagement ring diamonds as it gives a brilliant brilliance when viewed from all the angles. This particular shape is much more preferred in a solitaire diamond engagement ring.

diamonds : emeraldEmerald shaped diamond
The emerald shaped diamonds are square shaped with rounded corners. The shape resembles a box when looked down from above. The name ’emerald cut ‘comes from the fact that emerald was cut in the same way. The emerald shape has fewer facets as compared to the round diamond but still is popular as it resembles a clear sheet of glass. The emerald cut comes in square as well as rectangle shape.

diamonds : ovalOval shaped diamond
The oval shape is also a popular choice of diamond engagement ring as its closer to being round and fits all designs. The oval shape gives the finger a more slender graceful appearance; hence it’s a popular choice among the women. This shape is a popular choice for a three stone engagement ring. The brilliance is typical of a round diamond but the difference is the exciting shape little away from the ordinary.

diamonds : pearPear shaped diamond
This shape is similar to a pear and also resembles a droplet. The rounded bottom with both sides tapering together on the top forming a diamond drop is very enchanting. It’s a pretty shape which accentuates long slender fingers.

diamonds : heartHeart shaped diamond
As the name suggests the shape is of a heart which is difficult to achieve in a diamond. Apart from the trouble the good thing is that as the heart is the symbol of love, and the diamond is the symbol for eternity, when a diamond is heart shaped it becomes a symbol of everlasting love. All around the world heart shaped diamond engagement rings are more popular and most sought after.

Asscher cut shaped diamond
This unique shape looks similar to the emerald cut but the only difference is that it’s square while emerald cut diamond also comes in the rectangle shape.

diamonds : marquiseMarquise shaped diamond
The shape of a marquise diamond is such that it will appear big and give you a much larger-looking brilliant diamond. This fancy-shaped marquise diamond looks beautiful set in any design. The shape is enhanced to its full potential when surrounded with side stones. The length of this particular shaped diamond accentuates the fingers and makes them appear long and slender.

Tips for right shape for your engagement ring
You have decided to get engaged, you have also decided to get yourself and your fiancé a diamond engagement ring. You and your fiancé have decided to have matching engagement rings and want to shop together for the ring. Once you have decided which company to buy from, you need to place an order. The shape of the diamond determines the entire look of the ring hence to decide on the shape will be the first step. If it’s a solitaire then as the diamond is a stand alone an attractive shape is very important. You should go for a shape that suites your personality and physical build up and complements your entire persona. A shape that also enhances the look of the diamond, and adds to the shine and brilliance of the diamond. A shape which is classy and elegant, and has a style statement that won’t fade away with time. A shape which gives you more out of the diamond. For example you can’t have a huge well built man wearing a tiny heart shaped finger ring, or a small built dainty women wearing a huge emerald shaped finger ring. Engagement ring is going to be worn through out life and it has to complement your each and every dress and occasion. It’s not necessary that the costliest of the diamond is the best looking one for you hence you can always make the right selection by going for the right shape, cut, color and design to make the perfect ring that will add a sparkle in your life forever.