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These bracelets are also called wristbands, rubber bracelets, awareness bracelets, promotion bracelets apart from its original name of “Livestrong” bracelets. They are all bands of different types encircling the wrist.

Silicone Bracelets

Change is always a welcome break. People are constantly seeking changes. New and young ideas are the best way to tap into this huge thirst for freshness. Ideas that catch fire become trendsetters, especially in the field of fashion. Jewelry is an important part of this industry which is always in a state of flux. Using this media to enthuse people and involve them in a social cause was first started byLance Armstrong, the cyclist, the seven times winner of Tour De France, in collaboration with Nike. This led to the birth of the silicone bracelet.


silicone bracelet

Suffering from cancer, he had to drop out of the track for a couple of years. Determined to return, he did so with a bang and went to win titles. He is a cancer survivor and started the Armstrong Foundation which aims to spread cancer awareness. His innovative idea of combining sports with a fashion item proved lethal. Silicone bracelet, yellow in color, a tribute to his yellow jersey, with the slogan “Livestrong” was sold by his organization. This was his way of encouraging cancer victims and survivors to battle out this disease with a positive attitude. He had won his battle against cancer because he was determined to. This blueprint proved to be immensely successful. It caught on like wildfire and is till today a raging hit with the youth of the world. It became a symbol of acknowledging the truth behind Armstrong’s mission. Since then the fashion world, schools, clubs, social activists, NGO’s, musical events, promotion and various other similar organizations are successfully using silicone bracelets to their advantage.

Silicone bracelet 24/7 jewelry

Silicone BraceletBracketing silicone bracelet with jewelry is a smart idea. Making it inexpensive is an added advantage. Bright colors in various designs makes them attractive and silicone makes the bracelet durable and these make it the most popular piece of jewelry. The punch behind this bracelet is the use of silicone, which is semi inorganic polymers and sports some unique qualities like high water repellence, lubricity, thermal stability and physiological inertness. It is used for prosthetics and body part replacements also. This silicone bracelet can be worn 24/7 without fear. It does not break easily nor does it scratch easily. Heat does not damage it neither does it change its shape easily. The colors used are durable and do not fade easily besides being very light. These features make the bracelet a very popular piece of fashion item.

Silicone Facts

What is this unique element? Silicone is a man made industrial polymer. It is made from silicon, which was discovered by Jons Jacob Bezelins in 1824. It is a natural bounty. It makes up 25% of the earth’s crust by weight. It is the second most easily and profusely available element on the planet after oxygen. Silicon is present almost everywhere. Though not present in large amounts in the body yet it is found in every tissue, bones, cartilage, nails, hair and skin of the human skeleton. It is important to plants as they extract silicon from water to build their cell walls. It is also present in the sun and stars. It is the main component of aerolites which is a group of meteorites. It also forms useful compounds. In short it is easily got and therefore not an expensive substance. Developing silicone bracelets has been a smart move by the Armstrong foundation. It has all the qualities that are required for inexpensive piece of accessory. Though Lance Armstrong Foundation introduced the yellow bracelet for a dollar and collected about fifty million in USA alone, its sale was huge in other countries too.

This heralded the arrival of an innovative method of marketing. Businesses, organizations and many other institutions adopted this unusual mode of selling ideas and products. Creating awareness to raising funds, the silicone bracelets is very useful.

Wristbands or Rubber bracelets

Silicone bracelets are also called wristbands, rubber bracelets, awareness bracelets, promotion bracelets apart from its original name of “Livestrong” bracelets. They are all bands of different types encircling the wrist. A very popular bracelet which has become an essential part of youth who want to be funky and cool! Adults also don it, especially if it is for a charitable cause. They come in many colors, bright yellow, orange, blue, purple and pink, to name a few colors. Each color is affiliated with a particular organization and symbolizes a particular cause, event or makes a personal or exceptional statement. Some of the common colors that are in vogue are: –

Yellow Bands: – is the famous color of Armstrong bracelet. It symbolizes hope and strength and a determination to fight and win over Testicular cancer.

Pink Bands: – is to bring awareness about Breast cancer, the disease that takes its toll on millions of women and that its early detection can help in controlling its spread. Many women sport this silicone bracelet.

Dark pink Bands: – is meant to spread awareness about Diabetes both adult and juvenile.

Red Bands: – symbolizes a number of important causes like MADD, i.e. mothers against drunk driving, Anti Child Abuse, BBC’s famous Anti Bullying, AID awareness.

Green Bands: – very popular silicone band with environmentalists, as it stands for the preservation of Rainforest. It is also used by Tsunami Relief Groups.

Dark Blue Bands: – this color represents the fight against drugs and suggests Anti Drug and Pro life, which is the fight against abortion.

Light Blue Bands: – the fight for women’s protection against abuse and debasement is epitomized by this color i.e. used by Women’s Refuge group and for representing Parkinson’s disease.

White Bands: – this color is used to promote peace and fight poverty apart from many other symbols.

Purple Bands: – used to promote Justice in Family Law besides a host of other causes.

This is the serious side of the silicone bracelet. The fun side of this youth pleaser is hip and fashionable. Some examples are: –

Flashing Braided Bracelet: – worn by a lot of teens, symbolizes the age of electronics and to sport a funky look.

For a street smart look, wear a spiked or Rocker style studded bracelet.

Some go to the extent of getting their own slogans printed on these bracelets to show the world what they feel. Sporty and funny and sometimes rib tickling statements flash out at you.

Silicone Bracelet Types

There are many types of these silicone bracelets. The ID control bracelets are made to the specification of the organizers. This is done for crowd control and usually the colors are single tone. Glow in the dark bracelets meant for clubs and some fun costume party or disco party. Then there are glitter bands which twinkle like diamonds enmeshed inside a colored gel, there double or even three toned bracelets. Special shine effect on the surface, arc treatment at the edge, fragrance filled and engraved. There are many shapes, swirl, twisted, intertwined, spiral, round, linked, double bracelets, extra wide or round or flat. The colors are very bright and some have a fluorescent effect. Crystal stretch bracelets can be got. Some get wedding favors in these bracelets, with the name of the couple and use it as a give away gift. Funky pictures of characters, cartoons etc make it a wanted one. The Hawaiian bracelet made by a top Italian Charms Designer, looks ethnic because they have added silver and enamel beads. Innovation is always an option.

The printing done on it can be embossed, silk screen, de bossed, hand made, raised letters, text print even custom made metal pieces can be inserted. Some de bossed and individually filled by hand bracelets can also be made. This simple and exceedingly common element of the planet has acquired a coveted place. The silicone bracelet has become a cultural phenomenon.

Silicone bracelet buying guide

Tips on buying silicone bracelets: – Since stores do not stock a huge selection of these bracelets, it is not easy to get the one of your choice. In order to get exactly what you want a little effort is needed: –

1 Research is necessary. Locate a company of repute or one that has been handling these for a period of time
2 Ask for a sample. This is essential in order to check the quality of silicone.

3 It should be 100% silicone and not a poor imitation.

4 Find out about the mold fees. Some companies charge a fee of 200 to 600$ for the first batch of order. The second batch does not need mold fees. Some companies broadcast “no mold fees” but they hike up their prices.

5 Find a company that has all the varieties or options that you are looking for. Make sure they are able to handle all the specification that you want.

6 Check the shape. Sometimes poor quality of the band leads to de formation of the shape. It fails to retain the shape
7 Check the texture and make sure that it is smooth and not sticky to touch.

8 Should possess enough elasticity to prevent wear and tear.

9 Do not forget to check shipping and handling charges.

10 Before you place your order revise and re check all specification with the dealer.

Keeping these guidelines in mind will make it easier for you to buy a silicone bracelet of your choice with ease.

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