by Madhubanti Rudra

Gemstones have become the most sought after item as Valentine Gift. Apart from lending color and vibration to the jewellery wardrobe, they also make your love life stable and exciting. That is why today gemstones are accepted as the most significant Valentine’s Day gift.

The Importance of Gift on Valentine’s Day
The phenomenon of love is eternal. The world has walked into a new millennium, but men could never escape the appeal of love and romance. Even today when everything in this world is measured in a materialistic scale, millions of people around the world come out of the frantic schedule of their daily chores to take part in the joy of the celebration of love. Each year, the 14th day of February is observed with much fanfare and enthusiasm. Although the origin of Valentine’s Day is shaded in mystery and controversy, the age old tradition of exchanging gifts between the two lovers still continues. As such, gift is the quintessential theme of this age old celebration. Because, valentine gift is the conduit that bonds the two loving souls. It speaks of the affection you silently nurture in your heart for your valentine.

Gemstone : A perfect Valentine Gift
Finding a proper valentine gift is not an easy task whatsoever. Being expensive is not the only virtue that makes your gift special. A gift is valued only when it gives pleasure to the person it is meant for. If you are confused over the choice of the gift for your valentine, the only object you can blindly trust on is a piece of gemstone, precious or semi-precious. Because of many reasons, gemstones as valentine gifts have lately become a rage worldwide. First of all, jewels have always been universally esteemed for their value and sophistication. Then the innovative strategies endorsed by the leading International Jewellery Houses launching every year affordable and light weight but cute ranges of gemstone Jewellery, specially designed for the auspicious occasion of Valentine’s Day, also worked for the tremendous popularity of gemstones as valentine gifts among the stylish young lovers. Then the phenomena of jewelleries’ becoming increasingly uni-sex, also contributed to its huge acclaim as valentine gift. They are no longer viewed as the objects that only men present to the girls to impress them. The earning and confident women of today also opt for gemstone gifts for their lovers.

The value of Gemstone as Valentine Gift
Underneath the dazzling beauty of gemstones, there lie immense Meta physical currents that have been highly respected since antiquity. In addition to the magical healing prowess, some of them yield wonderful effects on relationships, by strengthening bonds between two lovers. These love stones, as claimed by renowned astrologers world over, exude positive cosmic energies to create wonderful chemistry between two loving souls by strengthening fidelity and steadfastness in their relationship. Thus, gemstones become the most significant Valentine’s Day gift.

Selection of Gemstones
Now when you have decided to greet the arrival of love in your life with the flashes of gemstones, you have to chart out a well organized plan for the final purchase, for gemstones come with limitless varieties of colors, shapes and sizes. Gifts for any occasion become meaningful when they signify the occasion or the event. Valentine’s Day is the festival of love, and love is essentially associated with such symbols as the tenderness of heart, the bright hues of red and fragrance of roses. So it is advisable that you buy the gemstones based on these themes. Here is a broad guideline to help you organize your choice of gemstone for your valentine.

The brightness of red is essentially associated with love and romance as the color red ignites within you the passion and excitement. The world of gemstones is full of red wonders, each of which has a unique beauty of their own.

To begin with, Ruby is a traditional favorite as a valentine gift. Famously called, the King of Red stones, Rubies are associated with passion and romance that knows no limit. The Rubies are available in different hues of red, ranging from light pink to bright crimson. The more vivid the color is, the stone becomes more expensive. But when it comes to the question of opening of your heart to somebody you love so dearly, the factor of price becomes irrelevant. Still, if you have to mind the size of your purse, there are plenty of laboratory- grown rubies are available these days which rival the natural ones in their color and luster, but at an affordable cost.

Another coveted red stone is the Spinel. Once adorning the British Crown, these red stones, rich in color and brilliance are often confused as being Ruby. These uncommon exotic stones are sure to kindle love and admiration for you in your beloved’s heart.

Probably among all the red stones, the Garnets provide the most affordable option. Available in all shapes and sizes, a Garnet pendant or ring make wonderful budget gift for your valentine.

You can also opt for Rubellite, the red variety of Tourmaline. The specialty of this stone is its large size. A heart shaped large piece of tourmaline is an all time hit as valentine gift.

Although Diamond is not red in color, it universally symbolizes long lasting relation and strong bonding and always regarded as the most romantic gift that a woman can ever wish for. All over the world, the top diamond dealers introduce special diamond jewelleries at special prices for the occasion Of Valentine’s Day. A diamond is something that your fiancée will keep close to her heart for ever.

If your valentine celebrates her birthday on February, then your task of finding out the proper gemstone gets easier. In that case, a beautiful Amethyst will speak your heart for you. A Rose quartz also makes a great gift whose pink charm is something sure to make your sweetheart fall head over heel for you.

Personalized gemstones
Every gift bears the message of good wish, but they become unique when they are made personalized. You can personalize your gemstone gift by inscribing the name of your lover within the gemstone, a service that is offered by all the leading jewelers at a minimum cost. You can also inscribe some special messages. For example you can propose your sweetheart by presenting her a diamond solitaire, with your proposal inscribed within it.

The heart shaped pendant or earrings with brilliant gemstones undoubtedly make intelligent gifts for Valentine’s Day. But if you want to give your sweetheart something more unusual, you can consider the following options.

Body jewelleries are great fashion statement these days. A belly ring with a small shining stone can be a very fashionable gift. The anklets with small pieces of multicolored stone speak of your admiration for the beauty of your beloved.  Presenting a brooch in the shape of rose and red in color can just fly her off her feet.  If you like to make a simple statement of love, then give her a hair pin with a sparkling stone flaunted on it.